Solid Sounds

Cover Art

The Wall personally given to Roger Waters
The Wall personally given to Roger Waters

Solid Sounds was born to reproduce artworks inspired by music masterpieces. We are a group of fond music fans that teamed up a couple of years ago and now are harvesting the attention of many collectors, who see our works as a worthy tribute to Music Artists.

Many people are cooperating in this project and the first release, the Pink Floyd “Division Bell”, has already aroused a great interest. Others are now following the same path.

Today the bronze sculpture series is made of various subjects with their original CD fit in the back, each strictly limited to 199 units worldwide, sand cast, never exactly alike one another because they are each entirely hand made.

Another series, also limited to 199 units worldwide, is made of metal figure sets hosted in their “theatre” like a diorama, each figure 8cm tall, painted by hand.

Last but not least, the very rare and most coveted silver plated 1000x1000 bronze sculptures series. Only 8 units made for each theme, so they can truly be considered a unique piece of artwork, not just a limited series as the others.

All these works come in their custom deluxe box, hand made and numbered as well. According to the series, they are decorated in gold or silver leaf prints that depict the item contained. Specific details are hand written on the inside.

Our job is aimed to passionate lovers of music and artworks. We create items that are built to last in time and increase in value.

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